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How to build your child's vocabulary using "The Word of the Day"

By Janet Castrejon

Word of the Day

A great way to build your child's foreign language vocabulary (and possibly yours too) is to use free Word of the Day resources from the internet. Trying to learn a list of many vocabulary words can be overwhelming but focusing on one new word every day is manageable and can fit into even the busiest family's schedule. You can teach the children the word while they are eating breakfast or even while you're driving them to school. Of course, if you're driving, an older child will have to read the word, or you will have to memorize it before you get behind the wheel.

Where can I find a Word of the Day?

Many dictionary websites offer a word of the day including Transparent Language has a word of the day for many languages. There's even a sign language word of the day (shown via video) at

How can I teach the Word of the Day?

To teach the word of the day with your children each day, you could write it on an index card or sticky note and put it on the refrigerator door. Another option is to put a small magnetic white board on the refrigerator door where you will write the word of the day each day. After reading the word of the day and the sentence example provided, have each of your children make up their own sentence using the word of the day reinforce their learning.

After presenting the word of the day over breakfast, try to use the word with the children at least once during the day if you speak the foreign language at home. Also, review the word again the following day before you present that day's word. Little by little, the word of the day will build up their foreign language vocabulary without overwhelming them with too many new words at once.

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